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Hi, my name is Matthew and I currently live in Adelaide. I’m a real estate agent and have been in this industry for nearly 7 years.

I actually worked as a banker before, but never really enjoy it. When all my kids started to reach the school age, I literally didn’t know what to do with myself. One day, I was having a coffee with my friend who sold real estate and she suggested me to do the same. At first I was so hesitant and though she was insane, I didn’t have a marketing or real estate experience at all! But eventually, I tried it anyway and little did I know that I was right. I, now, actually fallen into a career I love.

When working, I always make sure that all my clients get their questions answered clearly. And when I didn’t the answers to their questions, I’ll say to them I don’t know but I’ll them get an answer for them, and I always do.

During my free time, I enjoy picnic with my family in a lake nearby our house. I also often hike with my friends to a mountain nearby Adelaide. I’ve always been an outdoorsy guy and enjoy spending some time in the nature. One of my biggest dreams is to spend a month or two in a tropical forest alone. I think Borneo will be perfect!

Besides outdoor activities and real estate, I also love DIY, home improvement, and carpentry. You can often found me making a bench or painting a room in my house on the weekend. In this blog, I will share some insights and tips about real estate, loans, and also home improvements.

Hope you’re enjoying my blog.