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A Nightmare in My Old Garage

What could be worst than having a life-threatening substance under your roof?

I have been inherited an old house from my grandparents. I was so excited since I love an old building, it’s unique and has sentimental value.

I remembered one day my grandpa told me how precious this house was to him because he was the one who designed the house.

Since it is an old house, of course, it requires some renovation here and there. I thought I could do it myself because I thought it wasn’t that big, fixing a few floors, damaged walls and splash-back.

After collecting all the equipment needed, I went to work immediately. I remembered that time I was about to take out the broken floor when my wife screamed at me from the back.

A Nightmare in My Old Garage

I was like what? Why could be so scary about taking out the broken floor? She yelled at me.

“Do you plan to risk yourself and this family?”

I was dumbfounded hearing my wife’s voice. I asked her if she’s okay since I had no idea what she was talking about.

“Do you even realise that this is an old house?”
“Asbestos!” She screamed at my face

I still didn’t get it. What’s the connection between old house and asbestos? She came back while holding my cell phone.

“Read this!” briefly and firmly she said while handing the phone to me.

The title of the article is about where to identify asbestos in a house. I was so taken a back reading that asbestos can also be found in the backing of floor tiles and splash-back.

All this time, I only know that (maybe I don’t care that much either since my parents’ house and my apartment are not an old one) that nasty substance can hide somewhere behind your floor tiles and kitchen.

“She’s right.” I talked to myself. Yes, my wife is completely right. I will harm myself and my family if I do the renovation without even thinking of doing asbestos testing previously.

What is worst that I have no experience in dealing with this harmful substance, not even once!

The next day, I hurriedly contact an Adelaide asbestos removal (https://www.asbestoswatchadelaide.com.au/) contractor . I told them about my renovation project, and I will be needed their service for asbestos inspection and testing.

I know it will add an extra cost to my renovation project, but rather than risking my family, I do not mind spending extra cost for that services.

Soon after I made the call, the worker from the contractor came and performed their job. Not too long after that, I was informed that my grandparents’ house was installed with asbestos in various places.

The asbestos was (luckily not in our kitchen) identified in our garage. The asbestos found was in the form of cement sheeting or “fibro”.

The man from the contractor company told me that it is a type of a bonded asbestos. It means that the asbestos will not pose any danger if it is fully intact.

Horridly, the one found in our garage was deteriorated and badly damaged interior walls, so it can and will surely cause some threat to our health. He added that I could make it friable if I disturbed the material by destroying it.

That day I learned that it is important for those who have old houses to be aware of the presence of fibro before renovating their houses.